Our Manufacturing Operations specialize in producing on time quality products in the following industry segments:

  • Transportation Equipment
  • Medical equipment for Hospitals and Research Labs
  • Pathology Equipment
  • Flo-LIQUA Bins
  • Custom Packaging
  • Metal Racks
  • Transformers and
  • Strong Design and R&D Capabilities
  • Cooling Towers
  • Fluid Coolers
  • Replacement Coils
  • Fill Media

KST also has extensive interests in real estate and other investments such as:

  • Industrial Properties
  • Retail Plazas
  • Other Investments

Our Strengths:

  • Global Presence and Thinking
  • Strong Balance Sheet
  • Profitable Internally Financed Growth
  • Niche Products
  • Synergy by Design
  • Diversification by Choice

Our Focus:

We have laser focus on six key elements of our business:

  1. Customer Service
  2. Operational Costs
  3. Quality of Products and Service
  4. Employee
  5. Innovation
  6. Productivity